William Donaldson

William Donaldson, 28, left New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina, but a job in environmental restoration brought him back in 2007, making him one of many young professionals to put his faith and future in the new New Orleans. Donaldson and his wife, Natalie, looked for a house but weren’t satisfied with the city’s housing market. Instead, they turned to Build Now. “We looked at houses for a long time, and the prices were just more than we wanted to pay,” Donaldson says. “Build Now had a better product.” The couple bought a vacant lot in Lakeview across the street from City Park, and selected Build Now’s Delachaise floor plan. Construction began in September 2010, and the Donaldsons moved in six months later. “The house is beautiful,” Donaldson says. “Our Build Now project manager and our quality control officer have been great throughout the process. When you’re building a new house, there’s a lot of moving parts, and the response from them was fantastic. There’s no question in my mind that we made the perfect decision in terms of finding a place to live.”

Angelena Jackson

When the levees broke after Hurricane Katrina, the flood waters destroyed the house Angelena Jackson, 87, had called home her entire life. Money from Road Home came through easily enough, but Jackson and her daughter, Debra Lowe, weren’t sure how to proceed
with building a new house. “The place was too bad to be repaired,” Jackson says. “We had to tear it down. It was my mother’s house.” After learning about Build Now, “I went into their office several times and talked to a lady, and she got us started.” Jackson selected Build Now’s Octavia II floor plan. Construction began in November 2010, and on May 31, Jackson received the keys to her new house. “She loves it,” Lowe said of her mother’s reaction to the new house. “It was more than what we expected. The process went really well.”

Avis Flint

Avis Flint evacuated her home for Hurricane Katrina fully expecting to return in a few days. In a few days’ time, though, she learned that her house “had water up to the ceiling,” Flint says. “I basically lost everything.” The road home to New Orleans was more difficult than she’d imagined. “I had no idea it would take this long,” she says. “It wasn’t just the flood and destruction of my home. It’s been the difficulties in securing financing, finding a trustworthy builder. “But once I spoke with the Build Now people, they won me over. I had looked on the Build Now website at some of the projects they had done, and liked what I saw. I signed up, and they handled everything from that point on. I didn’t have to worry about anything. They helped with the financing, which was very important to me. They made it so easy.” For her new home in the Vista Park neighborhood of Gentilly, Flint selected the Delachaise floor plan. “The Build Now people are a godsend. They have worked with me on all the issues I had to address. Now I am back home, and can start living in my city and neighborhood again.”