Build Now Constructs Haunted House

Scary Construction Underway Friday in Preparation for Anba Dlo Festival

What: Crazy, funny energy INEFFICIENT home being constructed for Halloween festival, Anba Dlo

Where: 2372 St. Claude Avenue at The Healing Center

When: Friday, October 19, 2012 through Halloween

Who: Jaclyn Hill, Executive Director of Build Now, wielding hammer and ready to show the features of the world’s most energy INEFFICIENT home   Phone# – (504) 324-3964

Wanna see something really scary?? Just imagine the energy bill at this place. YIKES!

It’s a house full of skeletons, cobwebs and flashing lights – but that’s not the scariest thing about the house being built at 2372 St. Claude Avenue. It’s the world’s most ( gasp) energy INEFFICIENT house and it’s being constructed by the ghouls and gals at Build Now as part of the Anba Dlo Festival set for this weekend in the Bywater.

Stop by the house to find out what NOT to do when constructing a home  – we’ll have plenty of examples for you! It’s the official start of the Halloween season and there’s nothing more frightening than an extreme Entergy bill!

So stop by the Build Now World’s Most Energy Inefficient Home when you are at the Anba Dlo Festival and Parade this weekend.

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