New Orleans Sacred Music Festival @ NOHC

2nd Annual New Orleans Sacred Music Festival – Spirit Grooves

Saturday, March 16, 2013
12PM – 9PM

The New Orleans Healing Center and La Source Ancienne Ounfo proudly present, in partnership with the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and the Congo Square New World Rhythms Festival, the 2nd Annual New Orleans Sacred Music Festival – Spirit Grooves. This year’s festival honors the ability of sacred music to transcend boundaries and bring healing to connect us to each other and to the Divine. The event works to generate public awareness about the New Orleans Healing Center as a multifaceted venue, while promoting cultural understanding between diverse group in a celebration of human spirit and the rich spiritual and cultural traditions represented in our city. Ancient and cutting edge at the same time, where else are you going to see Tibetan monks rocking out to Gospel music?

The Sacred Music Festival brings performers from New Orleans’ diverse faith and cultural communities to share music, prayers, brief ceremonies and conversations about the transformative power of music with the public. Some performances are traditional, others innovative. Melodic, inspirational and uplifting, yet serious and profoundly personal, all sacred music carries similar themes of hope, no matter what language is spoken. The festival is an opportunity to promote understanding and awareness and pay homage to the city’s traditions in a respectful, sacred and healing environment.

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