Green Project Hosts Free Building Materials Week

The Green Project Hosts Annual Week of Free Building Materials
for New Orleans Community
Environmental Hardware and Construction Non-Profit Aims to Clear Clutter While Ensuring Usable Materials Avoid Landfills and
Continue to Provide Resources to Those Still Rebuilding
For the FIFTH year, The Green Project will host its annual FREE WEEK by offering free quality selected building supplies to the general public from Tuesday, May 21- Saturday, May 25 at its Marais and Press St. location.

The Green Project’s entire inventory is composed of reused, salvaged, and deconstructed materials that would have otherwise ended up in Louisiana’s massively over-flowing landfills. By donating these materials back to members of the community each year, The Green Project hopes to ensure that usable materials are put back into circulation for blight abatement purposes, renovations, restorations, rebuilding projects, artistic endeavors and neighborhood beautification efforts. In addition, these complimenary construction supplies provide an affordable alternative for low-income homeowners who struggle to afford to maintain their property, many of whom are still in the rebuilding process. The Green Project firmly believes that all people should be able to afford to be an environmentalist, regardless of income. Repurposed building materials not only conserve precious natural resources and preserve New Orleans unique architectural integrity, but they also allow all individuals to live by their own environmental ethic.

The Green Project was founded in 1994 and is a nonprofit building supply retail store located in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans. As one of the first environmental organizations in New Orleans, The Green Project operates a warehouse, lumberyard, the Gulf South region’s ONLY paint recycling center, and environmental education. More information about The Green Project can be found at

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